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Measurement under high pressure with SE4015.xT


Measuring of liquids under high pressure? No problem!

ELIS Plzeň successfully solves, manufactures and supplies high-pressure electromagnetic flow meters and sensors to business partners ower world.
This covers the requirement for measuring liquids in sizes 80mm to 300mm (3inch to 12inch) and under working pressure 100 bar (ANSI class 600, working pressure 1 440 psi) or in sizes 500mm to 750 mm (20inch to 30inch), working pressure 50 bar (ANSI class 300, working pressure 725 psi) in very difficult applications.


SE4015.xT ultrasonic mains powered flow meter measures deliveries of feeding water to boilers under high pressure up to 240 bar (3481 psi) by temperature up to 150°C (302°F).



Published 10. 8. 2023 12:56

FLONET FH30xx - induction flow meter with MODBUS RTU communication and MID certification


stands out for its wide measurement range of R = 400 and is available in sizes DN6 to DN900.

Flowmeter sensors are manufactured according to the European Pressure Directive 2014/68/EU, module H.
FLONET FH30xx is certified according to the EN4064 standard (OIML R49) and according to the EC type examination standard MID 001.
The flow meter communicates using the RS485/MODBUS RTU protocol, data can be archived and read on a laptop computer.

This new type is thus fully usable for measuring the flow of electrically conductive liquids
in water plants, heating plants and the chemical or food industry and can be used as a billing meter.

More information  here

Published 15. 3. 2023 14:41

FLONEX FXx11x - flow meter for explosive environments with ATEX/IEC Ex


for industrial flow measurement of electrically conductive liquids in the demanding chemical segment
and the petrochemical industry, which places the most demanding requirements on the products used.
The flow meter is certified according to ATEX / IEC Ex standards and is equipped with MODBUS RTU communication.

We believe that this certified flow meter, meeting the requirements of the modern market, will impress
our current and future customers.


More information you can find here.





Published 30. 5. 2020 12:43

ORCAS - a new clamp-on flow meter from the USA


We are pleased to introduce the first product of SoundWater Technology USA, which we represent in Europe.
It is a clamp-on ORCAS flowmeter.
Its advantages are fast to install, quick commissioning, ease of use and wireless communication.

More information here.


Published 6. 7. 2021 15:35

NEW FLONET FF50xx – Suitable for food sector and chemical industry



We added new FLONET FF50xx to our family of the electromagnetic flowmeters.

Flow Meter’s body is made by stainless steel with the Teflon lining, Hastelloy electrodes and connection thru Tri Clover (ASME BPE) or special fittings for food applications (DIN 11851).

Flowmeter is equipped by the communication RS485/MODBUS RTU with measurement range up to R 400.


 More information here



Published 15. 3. 2021 16:39

Measurement fluid flow, volume and pressure by an all-in-one solution



Ultrasonic flow meter FLOMIC FL503x, FL505x is one of the results of our R&D.
Battery powered useful tool for dimension DN32 to DN300.
What makes you happy is a wide range of measurement ratio Q3/Q1 up to 500 for double beams.


More information you can find here.


Published 17. 2. 2021 11:13

ELIS PLZEŇ a. s., The Best innovator of Pilsen

With pleasure and pride, we would like to share our success as awarded The best Innovator Company the Pilsen city. The main criterium was the R&D application in the everyday company life.









Published 14. 9. 2020 10:24

FLONET FH30xx electromagnetic flow meter with communication RS485/MODBUS RTU

The new product linFLONET FH30xx.v1.jpge of electromagnetic flow meters has a completely new transmitter design.

It is characterized by a wide measuring range R = 400 and newly it stands out with the possibility to communicate with the superior system using the RS485/MODBUS RTU protocol. The flow meter is equipped with the capability of archiving data and their subsequent screen displaying or reading into a laptop. In the development of this new type of flow meter we have taken into account a number of customer requirements.
This new type is fully usable for measuring the flow of electrically conductive liquids in waterworks, heating plants and the chemical or food industry. At present, the flow meter is certified by EU type examination certificate MID MI-001 module B.


 More information you can find here.



Published 30. 5. 2020 13:03