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Measurement under high pressure with SE4015.xT


Measuring of liquids under high pressure? No problem!

ELIS Plzeň successfully solves, manufactures and supplies high-pressure electromagnetic flow meters and sensors to business partners ower world.
This covers the requirement for measuring liquids in sizes 80mm to 300mm (3inch to 12inch) and under working pressure 100 bar (ANSI class 600, working pressure 1 440 psi) or in sizes 500mm to 750 mm (20inch to 30inch), working pressure 50 bar (ANSI class 300, working pressure 725 psi) in very difficult applications.


SE4015.xT ultrasonic mains powered flow meter measures deliveries of feeding water to boilers under high pressure up to 240 bar (3481 psi) by temperature up to 150°C (302°F).