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Development and production of liquid flow meters


Measurement under high pressure with SE4015.xT


Measuring of liquids under high pressure? No problem!

ELIS Plzeň successfully solves, manufactures and supplies high-pressure electromagnetic flow meters and sensors to business partners ower world.
This covers the requirement for measuring liquids in sizes 80mm to 300mm (3inch to 12inch) and under working pressure 100 bar (ANSI class 600, working pressure 1 440 psi) or in sizes 500mm to 750 mm (20inch to 30inch), working pressure 50 bar (ANSI class 300, working pressure 725 psi) in very difficult applications.


SE4015.xT ultrasonic mains powered flow meter measures deliveries of feeding water to boilers under high pressure up to 240 bar (3481 psi) by temperature up to 150°C (302°F).



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FLONET FH30xx - induction flow meter with MODBUS RTU communication and MID certification


stands out for its wide measurement range of R = 400 and is available in sizes DN6 to DN900.

Flowmeter sensors are manufactured according to the European Pressure Directive 2014/68/EU, module H.
FLONET FH30xx is certified according to the EN4064 standard (OIML R49) and according to the EC type examination standard MID 001.
The flow meter communicates using the RS485/MODBUS RTU protocol, data can be archived and read on a laptop computer.

This new type is thus fully usable for measuring the flow of electrically conductive liquids
in water plants, heating plants and the chemical or food industry and can be used as a billing meter.

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Our company ELIS PLZEŇ a.s. has more than 33 years of history and experience, mainly in the water management, energy and now also in the chemical industry.
We are among the leading European companies that develop and manufacture ultrasonic and induction liquid flow meters and ultrasonic water meters. Based on our own induction and ultrasonic flowmeters, we also supply systems for measuring heat and cold.
We can also supply the sensors themselves to manufacturers of induction flow meters.
We export certified and high-quality products to more than 50 countries around the world. Among our customers, we are known not only for the high quality of production, but also for our readiness to solve their technical requirements and needs.
In addition to liquid flowmeters and their accessories, we also offer calibration services in our authorized metrology center K39,
equipped with three test devices for calibration and verification of liquid flow meters. The center also includes a laboratory for verification and calibration of calorimetric counters for water and steam.

We will be pleased to present our products to you.  

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Why to choose us?

  • We own the whole process from the developent to manufacturing and delivery

  • Flexible solutions to customer needs thanks to qualified engineering, manufacturing and testing teams

  • 30 years in-house R&D

  • Customization of the product

  • We provide product 's design services that fit to an application 

Calibration services

  • Testing and calibration services of the liquid's flow meters 
  • Calibration of calorimetric counters for measuring heat/cold in water and for measuring in steam
  • All flow meters are tested by drinking water
  • Testing laboratories can calibrate and verify various types of liquid flowmeters (mechanical, inductive, ultrasonic, vortex, etc.), which can be pluged into the test rigs (electrically and hydraulically).
  • The test room space gives us a possibility to install the hydraulic arc, it means to test any configuration virtually.     
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