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Development and production of liquid flow meters


NEW FLONET FF50xx – Suitable for food sector and chemical industry



We added new FLONET FF50xx to our family of the electromagnetic flowmeters.

Flow Meter’s body is made by stainless steel with the Teflon lining, Hastelloy electrodes and connection thru Tri Clover (ASME BPE) or special fittings for food applications (DIN 11851).

Flowmeter is equipped by the communication RS485/MODBUS RTU with measurement range up to R 400.


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Measurement fluid flow, volume and pressure by an all-in-one solution



Ultrasonic flow meter FLOMIC FL503x, FL505x is one of the results of our R&D.
Battery powered useful tool for dimension DN32 to DN300.
What makes you happy is a wide range of measurement ratio Q3/Q1 up to 500 for double beams.


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With a storied history in the water management, chemical and energy industry, we are accustomed to manufacture products where failure is not an option.
We are a leading European company in the development and manufacturing of ultrasonic and electromagnetic flow meters, electromagnetic sensors, water meters, other products and solutions.
According to our customers we are recognized as an experienced producer with 30 years of successful presence on the market, with high production quality, and readiness to solve technical requirements and needs.
ELIS PLZEŇ a. s. has an export footprint in more than 60 countries worldwide.
Apart from flow meters and accessories, we also offer metrological services in our authorized metrological testing center K39 equipped with three test rigs for calibration and verification of liquids flow meters. Part of the center is a laboratory for verification and calibration of calorimetric counters.
It will be our pleasure to invite you have a look at our products!


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Why to choose us?

  • We own the whole process from the developent to manufacturing and delivery

  • Flexible solutions to customer needs thanks to qualified engineering, manufacturing and testing teams

  • 30 years in-house R&D

  • Customization of the product

  • We provide product 's design services that fit to an application 

Calibration services

  • Testing and calibration services of the liquid's flow meters 
  • Calibration of calorimetric counters for measuring heat/cold in water and for measuring in steam
  • All flow meters are tested by drinking water
  • Testing laboratories can calibrate and verify various types of liquid flowmeters (mechanical, inductive, ultrasonic, vortex, etc.), which can be pluged into the test rigs (electrically and hydraulically).
  • The test room space gives us a possibility to install the hydraulic arc, it means to test any configuration virtually.     
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