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Flow measurement

Flow meters measure the instantaneous flow of liquid and record the total volume flowed.

  • ELIS PLZEŇ a. s. uses two basic methods of measurement: Ultrasonic (transit-time) and electromagnetic (Faraday's law). The transit-time method measures the difference in time the ultrasonic signal travels in the upstream and downstream direction. This also applies to ultrasonic water meters, which mainly measure the instantaneous flow and record the volume of water, or pressure in pipeline.
  • The method based on Faraday's law uses the principle of moving conductors (conductive liquids) in the magnetic field of coils, where the induced voltage at the sensing electrodes is directly proportional to the flow rate of the liquid in the pipe.
  • Electromagnetic flow meters

    Electromagnetic flow meters measure the flow rate and total volume of electrically conductive liquids in various industries. They meet the requirements of the EN ISO 4064-1 standard.

  • TOKYO KEIKI ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters

    Ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters are fastened to the outside of pipeline. They do not cause any hydraulic and pressure losses. Clamp-on flow meters are manufactured by TOKYO KEIKI INC.

  • Ultrasonic water meters

    Ultrasonic water meters perform billing and operational measurements in the water and other industries according to EN ISO 4064-1 standard. Based on the instantaneous flow, volume and pressure measurements, they can also be used to detect water leakage in water supply networks. MID Certified.