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Ultrasonic water meters

Ultrasonic water meters for water supply networks

The FLOMIC battery powered ultrasonic water meters have been specially developed for water supply applications. Thanks to them it is easy and reliable to measure flow, consumption and water pressure.

Main advantages of FLOMIC water meters

  • High measurement accuracy
  • Long-term stability of accuracy measurement in a wide range of measured values
  • Highly reliable, require minimal maintenance 
  • Minimal  hydraulic losses with compare to mechanical water meters
  • Measured values can be easily read from the display
  • Ability to archive data and reading by a laptop or master system using communication modems
  • Water leakage can be detected 
  • Installation anywhere thanks to the battery power supply
  • MID Certified    

Easy overview of the water supply network

Water companies need to monitor a status of their networks so they can reduce water losses and make their operations more efficient. This requires meet FLOMIC water meters that send the data to master system and eventual leaks can be easy detected.

General principles of ultrasonic water meter measurement

The measurement principle is based of transit-time method on measuring of the difference in the time of passing the ultrasonic signal in the direction and in the opposite direction of the measured water flow. Ultrasonic water meters do not have any mechanical parts, therefore they are characterized by low hydraulic losses and simple maintenance compared to mechanical water meters.

The FLOMIC water meter battery lifetime up to 8 years

The evaluating electronics is powered by a Li-battery, that provide operation from 6 to 8 years with 1s period of measurement. Thanks to this, it is possible to use the meter even in applications in remote locations or where it is not economical or operational to be able to provide power from the mains.

Water meter electronics

The evaluation electronics powers and checks the operation of ultrasonic transductors that alternately transmit and receive an ultrasonic signal. This signal is evaluated by the electronics and converted the results to the required values. The results are stored in the memory or sent by some of the communication outputs. If necessary, the meter can be connected to the master systems. For the FLOMIC series, it is possible to communicate via passive current output, pulse output or RS232 communication protocol. For some applications, communication via optical probe or GSM module can also be used.

Solutions for customers without their own control center

For customers operating smaller water networks without their own control center, it is possible to offer solutions based on FLOMIC water meters, communicating over the GSM network and displaying daily water consumption on a remote virtual server whenever available through a web browser.

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  • FLOMIC FL502x, FL504x

    Operational and invoicing measurement of instantaneous flow, volume and pressure in water supply, water management and other industries, according to the standard EN14154.

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