Pulse output function of the FLOMIC FL50X4

How does the pulse output of the FLOMIC FL50X4 water and flow meter work? It is a really good question because the pulse output of ultrasonic water and flow meters provides the information about liquid volume and therefore it’s an important function of battery-powered ultrasonic water and flow meters FLOMIC FL50X4. These meters have two passive pulse outputs which evaluate volume flow through in positive and negative directions of flow. Passive output needs an external power supply because the outputs are not powered up by the water and flow meter. Every output needs own independent power supply. Output pulses have a rectangular shape and their width is 30ms. If we use 5V power supply then the pulses will have 5V value for positive flow direction but 0V for negative flow direction.

For more information please check the manual of the FLOMIC FL50X4, page 18