DN800PN25Last summer we informed you about the successful certification of our products for the Russian market according to the set of standards GOST.

And this GOST is not just a ghost for us. The undisputed evidence is the recent 

Both flow meters were produced in our company ELIS PLZEN a. s. and also calibrated on our own test rig for metrological verification and calibration of flow meters and water meters GS1500/32-800.delivery of the ultrasonic flow meter SONOELIS SE4025 of dimension DN800 to our business partner in Russia and also the delivery of smaller one - DN500. The specialty of this delivery is that these flow meters are designed for pressure PN25!

There are planned similar deliveries of large dimension flow meters for extra pressure leading to Russia there soon. And we can do more! We are preparing the production of flow meters of large dimensions for pressure PN40.

GOST certificates are the ticket even to the most distant parts of Russia, where the customers can also rely on the delivery of our products according to their specific requirements and they can rely on the service of our flow meters there too.

If you are planning to realize deliveries of water or other technologies for your Russian business partners, we will be glad to inform you closer about the advantages of products certified according to the set of standards GOST and also about your benefits by their usage.