ELIS PLZEN induction flowmeters

Induction flowmeters FLONET FN20XX.1 The induction flowmeters can be used in most branches of industry for the measurement of liquids even with solids content like pulps, pastes and other fluids that have a minimum of electric conductivity. 

The best electronic gives you the best result - reliable and repeatable even under difficult process conditions, while quality manufacturing guarantee years of trouble-free use. 

At ELIS PLZEN a. s. , all induction flowmeters are wet-calibrated by weighing instruments in our own test-rig.

The ELIS PLZEN a. s. induction flowmeters offer the following particular advantages: 

  • Large range of dimensions (DN6 to DN1200 mm)
  • Different lining materials available – rubber for common liquids, special rubber for potable water and Teflon for food, nature stone for excessive corrosive slurries
  • High accuracy – up to ± 0.2 % of actual valueHigh repeatability – up to ± 0.15  of measured value
  • Minimum conductivity of liquids 5 µS/cmMeasurement independent of pressure, density, temperature and viscosity
  • Free sensor cross section and short inlet and outlet straight piping sections – no additional pressure lossesEmpty pipe detection
  • Digital signal processingHigh-speed signal conversion system (RS485, Hart)
  • Available for AC and DC voltage operatingFor remote version is possible to use cable up to 100 meters